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Why Must We Rise Early?

The early morning is the best time to meet with the Lord. Morning is the best time of the day. It provides the best opportunity to receive God’s provision of spiritual food and fellowship before the day begins. If we are careless about our souls in the morning hour, we will be careless about spiritual things throughout the day. Prayer at other times of the day cannot compare with the prayer offered in the morning hour. Bible study at other times of the day is not the same as that which is done at dawn. There seems to be a sweetness and solitude of spirit found only as the day breaks.

Another reason that we must rise early is to present our time to God before we give time to men and the world. To give the world the best part of your day, and then to bring the leftovers to God at the end when you are dead-tired, will affect the quality of your relationship with God. Those who rise early to spend time with God possess strength to deal with the problems that come later in the day. George Muller confessed that whether he was fed in the morning hour determined his spiritual condition for the whole day.[1] Donald Grey Barnhouse once said, “The Christian has to live in the world, but he must draw all his resources from outside of the world.”[2] The morning hour gives us the best time to draw those spiritual resources from heaven. Although we do not find any direct command of God to rise early, we are given sufficient examples of faithful servants of God who were early risers.


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