Gideon Manda

Gideon Manda
Dean of Students, Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA)

Methods of Ministry

After coming back from South Africa Gideon has been involved in ministry in many ways. He was the regional coordinator of the Evangelical Association of Malawi. He was asked to plant a church in one of the cities in the county. For thirteen years he was involved in a church plant and training laymen how to preach. While doing the church planting he received an MDiv. While doing his MDiv studies one of his professors was a missionary from Grace Community Church, who asked him to help with a Bible college (TMAI) they were about to start and at the same time help pastor a church. Gideon accepted the invitation and is now am involved with the Bible college and also one of the pastoral leaders of the church that runs the Bible school. Gideon is the dean of students at the Bible school and also teaches pastoral ministry. From time to time he is involved in preaching at the church and receives invitations to preach in conference around the country.

CASM Involvement

Prayer and financial support.

Ways to Pray

  • Pray that as a family we will each one of us grow in the knowledge of the Lord
  • Pray for the church in which Gideon is a part of the leadership, that the Word of God will be faithfully taught.
  • Pray that Gideon will grow spiritually and be equipped for ministry as He does his studies at TMS.
  • Pray that Gideon will have enough resources for his studies and school fees for his kids who are still in school.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide enough food and accommodations for his monthly upkeep.
Thank you from CAPA