Help for the Season

How to Honor Christ at Christmas

It is possible that the real reason for the season can be smothered by the tinsel, wrapping paper, ribbon, and make-believe that surrounds the festive celebrations...Read more.

Being a Witness During the Christmas Season

Our duty is to be a living testimony to the endless mercy and grace that has been bestowed upon us by the living Savior...Read more.

Does Gift-giving Undermine the Reason for the Season?

Christmas is all about gift-giving, after all. It’s all about God’s gift to us. Read more.

How Do I Renew My Own Wonder, Awe, and Adoration About Christ?

No stocking stuffer, not the latest gadget, not anything can ever compare to what God has freely given us in His Son, Jesus Christ. Read more.

Dealing With the Holiday Blues

The holiday season ushers in the hanging of bright lights, the joy of festive singing, and the spirit of generous giving...But it also brings feelings of discouragement...Read more.