Marvin R. Knight
Senior Pastor

Marvin R. Knight is the Pastor/Teacher of The Church at South Mountain (CASM). He received his education from Arizona College of the Bible, graduating with degrees in Pastoral Ministry and Theology in 1988. He also has an MABTS (Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies) from Knox Theological Seminary and is a doctorate candidate at the Master’s Seminary. He served as an Associate Pastor for seven years at North Phoenix Baptist Church under Dr. Richard Jackson before planting CASM. Pastor Knight is originally from the Phoenix area.

Marvin was the athlete’s chaplain at Grand Canyon University in 1993. He served on the Board of Arizona College of the Bible in 1996. He is also a certified church planter with Urban Evangelical Mission. In 2004, he was selected to participate in the Expositor’s Institute with Dr. John MacArthur. Knight is also the author of over 100 study guides, booklets, and pamphlets aimed at explaining theological truth in an understandable way with a view towards application.

Marvin and his wife, Mary, have two sons: Jordan and Joshua.

Andy Lack
Pastor of Missions

Andy serves as the Pastor of Missions and was ordained to this role in 2013. He has been attending the church since 2005. Andy is originally from Wichita, Kansas, and grew up in Charleston, Illinois. He received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Illinois and his MA and PhD in Anthropology from Arizona State University. He currently works as a Ceramic Analyst for the Gila River Indian Reservation Cultural Resources Management Program. Andy and his wife, Sara, have two children: Stephen and John.

Ray Olguin

Ray has been attending the church since its conception in 1994. He was ordained as Deacon in 1997 and Elder in 2010. Ray is originally from Phoenix and works full-time as an Engineering Technician for the City of Mesa. He and his wife, Hope, have six children: Robert, Lina, Mike, Danielle, Jessica, and Antonia.

Julien Kinsale

Julien attended the church from 1994 until 2009. He then moved to Washington State for work, returned to CASM in 2012, and was ordained as Elder in 2013. Julien is originally from the Island of Trinidad and works as a pipefitter/welder for CB&I. He and his wife, Lori, have three children: PJ, Elijah, and Samuel.

Rodney Davis

Rodney has been attending the church since 1994. He was ordained as Deacon in 1997 and Elder in 2013. Rodney is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He works full-time as a Firefighter Captain for the Phoenix Fire Department. Rodney and his wife, Bernadette, have eight children: Abram, Valencia, Nadia, Aysha, Alily, Saul, Davin, and Dairion.

Mark Ruggles

Mark has been attending the church since 2001. He was ordained as Deacon in 2008 and Elder in 2015. Mark is originally from Bloomington, Indiana. He received his BA in Journalism from Indiana University and works full-time as a software analyst. Mark and his wife, DeeDee, have two children: Benjamin and Luke.

Robert Gray

Robert has been attending the church since 2007. He was ordained as Deacon in 2010 and Elder in 2016. Robert is originally from Roswell, New Mexico. He received his BA in English from Grand Canyon College and his M. Ed in School Leadership and Supervision from Loyola College. He is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction with the Salt River Schools. Robert and his wife, Nicole, have two children: Gabriella and Alberto.

Craig Cummings

Craig has been attending the church since 2010. He was ordained as Elder in 2019. Craig is originally from Clarksdale, Mississippi. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ole Miss and an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems from Chandler-Gilbert Community College. He currently works as a Director of Technology for Scottsdale Christian Academy. Craig and his wife, Verines, have two children: Craig Jr. and Camille.