Deacon Ministry

The mission of the Deacon Ministry is to equip and empower biblically-qualified men to serve the members of the church family through personal care and follow-up (1 Pet.5:2; Acts 6:1-5). We believe the elders and deacons of our church have a stewardship before God to provide consistent, on-going care to all of our members, helping them grow to be more like Jesus.

Our Deacon’s ministry is focused on serving the needs in the body by assigning deacons to specific areas that fit their giftedness. This shift in duties and responsibilities is an opportunity to provide better care for our membership.

Deacons will still be expected to minister to the members assigned to him as a natural part of body life and members are encouraged to initiate contact with their deacon, if they have a need.

Ministry Service

How does a person become a Deacon?

  • Must be a male
  • Must give evidence of conversion
  • Must meet the biblical qualifications (1 Tim.3:8-10)
  • Must be a covenant member of CASM for at least two years
  • Must be actively serving at CASM for at least one year
  • Must be recognized and affirmed to this office by the elders
Gene MillerGene Miller,
Deacon of Benevolence Ministries
Steve Nemetz,


Greg BishopGreg Bishop,
Deacon of Hospital Visitation and Neighborhood Outreach
Charles Graham,
Deacon of Prayer Guard Ministry
Chris Thomas,
Jerome Adams,