Andy Lack

We believe it is the responsibility of the local church to identify and develop leaders for the church (2 Tim.2:2). The local church is the God-designed environment in which an individual’s conversion, character, gifts, and calling are made most evident.


CASM has developed The Gatekeepers Institute―a ministry dedicated to equipping servant leaders for the local church. The institute provides a six-month and one-year long period of training men and women in theology and practical aspects of ministry that includes video courses, readings, assignments, mentoring, and peer group discussion meetings. The first six months of the institute consist of understanding and discerning a call to leadership in the local church, followed by theological training that will better equip the participant to lead biblically in any leadership role in the church. For those who may be called to vocational ministry (i.e. pastoral/preaching, counseling, missions), a second three-month training period consists of practical application geared toward developing the necessary skills in their respective roles.


  • Develop robust biblical, theological, and ministerial skills.
  • Grow in an understanding of biblical leadership.
  • Prepare men and women for further theological education.
  • Prepare men and women for vocational ministry locally and internationally.


The Gatekeepers Institute is structured around three primary areas of instruction and development.

  • Biblical Calling (9 weeks)―all participants
  • Theological Essentials (15 weeks)―all participants
  • Expositional and Homiletical Skills/mentoring (10 weeks)―potential vocational students

All Gatekeepers participants will engage in the “Biblical Calling” and “Theological Essentials” components of the institute. These components consist of weekly readings, video lectures, and/or assignments. Discussion is encouraged throughout the month through online discussion boards and emails among participants regarding specific issues under discussion.


Application Process

Member of CASM for at Least One Year

  1. This is to ensure enough time for the applicant to have been observed in their character, relationships, and faithfulness within a church context.
  2. This is a requirement regardless of age, experience, education, knowledge, or recommendation.

Ascertain Genuine Conversion/Salvation

Care must be taken at the outset to only admit those persons whom, as far as we can discern, have been supernaturally transformed by the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although all CASM members are interviewed in regards to their salvation, an applicant to the Gatekeepers Institute must be able to clearly articulate God’s way of salvation, and how they personally experienced that salvation. To this end, a written salvation testimony will be required of each applicant.

Ascertain Leadership Fitness

Because the purpose of the Gatekeepers Institute is to identify and develop leaders in the local church, care must be taken in the selection process to select persons who have exhibited a certain level of spiritual and personal maturity.


The first six months training period is $65. Additional three month training period for potential vocational students is $20.

Contact: Andy Lack, Gatekeepers Director,