Prison Ministry

JIm Holder


The mission of the Prison Ministry is to proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ to inmates and their families. We believe Jesus’ words, “I was in prison and you came to Me” (Matt.25:36),  therefore we seek to be faithful in supporting inmates and their families in becoming  reconciled to God and encouraging their involvement in a church.

There are many ways you can serve and participate in this ministry. These are essential for service:

  • Born-again believer and disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Covenant member of CASM for at least six months
  • Actively involved in a home fellowship or discipleship group at CASM
  • Pastor/Elder recommendation
  • Expressed desire out of personal conviction to be involved in this ministry
  • Abide by policies set by the Prison Ministry team
  • Abide by policies set by the prison system, if going into prisons


  • Prison team visitation: discipleship and evangelism
  • Transitional ministry
  • Angel Tree
  • Researchers
  • Writers


Contact: Jim Holder, Advisor to Prison Ministry,