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2015 Family Activity-Construction on Your Character

Construction on Your Character
Family Activity #1

Godly Virtues Bingo      

Download the card below and print this card for each player.


Materials: Bingo cards, small tokens to cover squares (small pieces of paper, beans, candies, etc.)

How to Play:

  1. The caller draws a card and calls out the virtue. Depending on the ages of the players, the caller may want to spell the word and/or provide a definition.
  1. If the virtue is on a player’s board, the square is covered with a token.
  1. When a player has a full line straight across a row, or straight down a column, they must read all of the virtues to the caller before they yell out, “BINGO!”









Construction on Your Character
Family Activity #2

Character Qualities Activity Pages
This activity can be used as a weekly or daily family devotion.

  1. Select and share a new character quality with your family, daily or weekly. Click here to select a character quality:  http://rachaelcarman.com/character-qualities/
  1. Read the definition, Bible verse, and talk about the related Bible character. If your children are school age or older, have them read the definition and accompanying Bible verse. Younger children can use each page as a coloring page while listening to the definition, verse, and Bible character.

Discussion questions and application:

  • Is this a character quality that describes you? Why or why not?
  • What are some ways we can practice this quality as a family? Decide on one or two of the ideas to practice this week.