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Practical Ways to Support Missions in 2021

Most Christians recognize that Christ calls and commands the Church to make disciples of all nations. And most Christians want to be obedient to that command and support missions in meaningful ways. We want to do more in this new year. But, apart from going to the mission field ourselves, how does that look? How can you and I better support missions in 2021?

Read consistently.
By this I mean, read the Bible consistently. Nothing can educate and motivate us to support missions and missionaries like the Word of God. The Bible tells us what missions is, why we should do missions, and how we should do missions (Matt.28:18-20). Read the Bible consistently, and you will find your heart more in tune with God’s own heart and an overwhelming desire to make His Son known to a lost and dying world. Consider following a Bible reading plan this year to keep you moving and accountable.

Pray consistently.
The Bible tells us that we are to pray continually (1 Thess.5:17), and most Christians undoubtedly pray for missionaries when they think of them. But if we truly want to better support missions, we need to intentionally and consistently make missions a part of our prayer life. Educate yourself about how to pray specifically by reading on our website about the missionaries CASM supports and research unreached peoples to pray for on the internet. Consider a specific day or days each week to pray about missions by yourself, with your family, or in your Bible Study small group.

Give consistently.
From the birth of the New Testament Church, financial giving has always been an important way to support missions (Phil.4:10-20). Many Christians intend to give sacrificially to missions when special offerings occur but find themselves unable to do much when those dates roll around. Many have found it more effective to consistently give smaller amounts (weekly or monthly) than to give large amounts periodically. Consistent, small-scale sacrifices, such as giving up a Starbucks coffee or McDonald’s value meal once a week for the sake of supporting missions, can help to keep missions on your mind and heart continually. Get the whole family involved in this kind of consistent giving, perhaps by keeping a missions fund jar in the house.

Evangelize consistently.
We are not only called to support the spread of the Gospel but to participate in it. Sharing the Gospel yourself, wherever you are, will fuel your desire to see it spread abroad, leading to more consistent reading, praying, and giving.