Discipleship groups are small group bible studies that meet all over The Valley for the purpose of intentional discipleship. Our discipleship curriculum is followed which covers all aspects of the Christian life. We offer co-ed groups, men’s groups, and women’s groups.
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Colossians Lessons

Lesson One

Introduction (1:1-2)

Lesson Four

The Preeminent Christ (1:13-20)

Lesson Seven

Spiritual Maturity in Christ (2:1-7)

Lesson Ten

The Christian’s Apparel (3:12-17)

Lesson Thirteen

God’s “Second String” (4:7-18)

Lesson Two

The Church at Colossae (1:3-8)

Lesson Five

The Conversion of the Colossians (1:21-23)

Lesson Eight

Believer, Beware! (2:8-23)

Lesson Eleven

Guidelines for the Family and Business (3:18-4:1)

Lesson Three

Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians

Lesson Six

Paul as a Minister (1:24-29)

Lesson Nine

Basics for Living in Christ (3:1-11)

Lesson Twelve

Essentials for Living the Christ-Like Life (4:2-6)