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Christ in You the Hope of Glory

Colossians Lessons

Lesson One

Introduction (1:1-2)

Lesson Four

The Preeminent Christ (1:13-20)

Lesson Seven

Spiritual Maturity in Christ (2:1-7)

Lesson Ten

The Christian’s Apparel (3:12-17)

Lesson Thirteen

God’s “Second String” (4:7-18)

Lesson Two

The Church at Colossae (1:3-8)

Lesson Five

The Conversion of the Colossians (1:21-23)

Lesson Eight

Believer, Beware! (2:8-23)

Lesson Eleven

Guidelines for the Family and Business (3:18-4:1)

Lesson Three

Paul’s Prayer for the Colossians

Lesson Six

Paul as a Minister (1:24-29)

Lesson Nine

Basics for Living in Christ (3:1-11)

Lesson Twelve

Essentials for Living the Christ-Like Life (4:2-6)