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God's Riches at Christ's Expense

Ephesians Lessons

Lesson One

Introduction (1:1-3)

Lesson Four

Blessings Involving the Holy Spirit (1:13-14)

Lesson Seven

Our Condition Outside of Christ (2:1-3)

Lesson Ten

The Revelation of the Mystery (3:1-13)

Lesson Thirteen

Walking in Truth and Holiness (4:17-32)

Lesson Sixteen

Standing Strong in the Armor of God (6:10-24)

Lesson Two

Blessings Involving the Father (1:4-6)

Lesson Five

Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians (1:15-20)

Lesson Eight

Salvation by Grace Through Faith (2:4-10)

Lesson Eleven

Paul’s Second Prayer for the Ephesians (3:14-21)

Lesson Fourteen

Waking in Love, Light, and Wisdom (5:1-21)

Practical Theology

Lesson Three

Blessings Involving the Son

Lesson Six

The Exaltation of Christ and His Church (1:20-23)

Lesson Nine

How the Gentiles Became Fellow Heirs (2:11-22)

Lesson Twelve

Walking Together in Unity (4:1-16)

Lesson Fifteen

Displaying God’s Wisdom in our Families (5:22-6:9)