First Things First

Learning to Enjoy Your Quiet Time With the Lord
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“The quiet time is vital because
God wants to meet with you.”

Marvin R. Knight

THE REASONS: Why is a personal, private quiet time with God important?

The quiet time is vital to your spiritual health.
(1 Pet.2:2; Heb.5:14)

One of the marks of a true Christian is a desire for the “pure milk of the word” (1 Pet.2:2). Peter tells us that there is milk for the Christian baby and the writer to the Hebrews tells us that there is meat for the full-grown adult (Heb.5:14). God has built into every child, at the new birth, an insatiable desire for that which is necessary for life. The Apostle Peter was a man of God as well as a family man. He knew about the experience of a father or mother waking up at night to supply a newborn infant with the milk he so desperately craves. By using the image of a newborn baby, Peter implies that if there is no desire for the milk of the Word, there is no new birth or new life. Just as milk is vital to a baby’s health, daily time in God’s Word is vital to the health of a Christian.

S.L. Brengle, who worked with General William Booth of the Salvation Army, once made this statement: “In eating, it is not the amount we eat, but the amount we digest that does us good; and just so it is in reading and studying. It is not the amount we read, but what we remember and make our own—that does us good.”

The quiet time is vital because God wants to meet with you.

The morning watch or quiet time is not so much a duty to perform, as it is a privilege and honor to share. Think about Who has invited us into His presence. The Lord of glory summons us into His royal chamber to fellowship with Him! What a privilege! What an honor!

It is said that a piano can go out of tune by hard use. The constant striking of the strings may loosen them and they need to be adjusted if they are to continue producing harmonious sounds. Someone has written, “in like manner all common experiences have an exhausting effect upon us, even when we serve the Lord…as we minister to others, as we strive and struggle, duty drains our life fountain. We then need to come into God’s presence for spiritual renewal. In the quietness of that fellowship, He tunes our lives and strengthens us for further service.”[1]

[1] H.G. Bosch, Our Daily Bread, Grand Rapids: Radio Bible Class, September 20, 1972

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