How to Study the Bible

Discipleship groups are small group bible studies that meet all over The Valley for the purpose of intentional discipleship. Our discipleship curriculum is followed which covers all aspects of the Christian life. We offer co-ed groups, men’s groups, and women’s groups.

How to Study the Bible Lessons


The Handling of God’s Word

Lesson 3

The Authors of God’s Word

Lesson 6

The Proper Use of God’s Law

Lesson 9.1

The Hinderances: Why Don’t I Study the Bible?

Lesson 9.4

Context Is King: History, Culture, and Immediate Literary Context

Lesson 9.7

Analyzing the Text: Outlining for Understanding

Lesson 1

The Adequacy of God’s Word

Lesson 4

The Goal of God’s Word

Lesson 7

The Sufficiency of God’s Word

Lesson 9.2

The Motivation: Why Should I Study the Bible?

Lesson 9.5

Analyzing the Text: Reading and Obseving the Text

Lesson 9.8

Interpretation: Puttting It All Together

Lesson 2

The Illumination of God’s Word

Lesson 5

The Intent of God’s Word

Lesson 8

The Finality of God’s Word

Lesson 9.3

The Approach: Preparation and Prayer

Lesson 9.6

Analyzing the Text: Word Studies and Cross-Referencing

Lesson 9.9

Applying the Text: The Purpose of Bible Study