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On the Go for God

Zealously Living for the Glory of God

“Faint not, hold on, and hold up in ways of well-doing, and heaven shall make amends for all.”

Thomas Brooks

Paul: A Man on the Go for God

Dr. Steven Lawson dubbed the Apostle Paul “a man on the go for God.” A brief survey of Paul’s life reveals that this man was arguably the greatest Christian who ever lived. He was driven and determined. He was always living full tilt for God and for the Gospel. His gear shift was never stuck in neutral or reverse. It was always in overdrive. He was always pushing forward in the will of God to do the work of God. Paul held nothing back. His motto could very well have been, “Whatever it Takes.” His life was like a blank check that he had signed and given over to God, and in essence said to God, “You fill in the blanks.” He was a man on the go for God. He was ready to go anywhere at any time to do anything and to pay any price. He was a man on the go for God.

The question we want to answer in this study is, what was his mindset? And how can it be ours? For Paul, it meant going to the mission field. He had a missionary mindset. For you and me, it means going into the office, the home, the neighborhood, the ballpark, or wherever, for the glory of God.

This lesson covers six essential characteristics that aided Paul to zealously live for the glory of God.

  1. 1.  A supreme love (1 Cor.16:22)
  2. 2.  A core concern (1 Cor.2:1-5)
  3. 3.  A clean conscience (2 Cor.1:12)
  4. 4.  A liberating compassion (1 Cor.9:19-23)
  5. 5.  A felt weakness (2 Cor.12:7-10)
  6. 6.  A divine confidence (Phil.4:13)

Book One: A Supreme Love

Book Two: A Core Concern

Book Three: A Clean Conscience

Book Four: A Liberating Compassion

Book Five: A Felt Weakness

Book Six: A Divine Confidence