Rock Solid

The purpose of this study is to help new believers, as well as seasoned saints, grab hold of some crucial truths to aid them in the Christian life. No believer ever grows past the basics; we just build on top of them. These lessons will help you to build on the foundation of Jesus that will stand the test of time and trials.

Download each lesson here:

Lesson One: True Conversion, Part 1

Lesson Two: True Conversion, Part 2

Lesson Three: True Conversion, Part 3

Lesson Four: True Conversion, Part 4

Lesson Five: The Christian Life

Lesson Six: True Repentance

Lesson Seven: Salvation

Lesson Eight: Forgiveness

Lesson Nine: Temptation

Lesson Ten: Prayer

Lesson Eleven: Abundant Life

Lesson Twelve: Decision Making

Lesson Thirteen: God’s Purpose for You

Lesson Fourteen: Time

Lesson Fifteen: Money

Lesson Sixteen: Ministry

Lesson Seventeen: Relating to Family and Friends

Lesson Eighteen: Witnessing

Lesson Nineteen: Contentment

Lesson Twenty: Balance

APPENDIX A: Resources for Living